Driven – often to distraction

I’ve been thinking recently about what drives me.

Something must do, because those around me frequently comment on it. Sometimes favourably: “…an inordinate capacity for hard work.” Sometimes less so: “…if you don’t switch off you are going to burn yourself out.”

It would be easy to write lots of words about different motivations, their combined and shifting effect over time, but I think I’m going to try for a hole-in-one and go with ‘improvement’.

I want to help make things better. Read More »

Those scary inspiring bloggers

I started leaning against the wall of the Internet nightclub a few years ago, lurking and listening, never quite having the guts to venture out on to the dance floor. Occasionally I’d tweet the odd link to something I’d found interesting, but refrained from putting my own thoughts out there for public consumption. Tapping my foot whilst standing at the bar.Read More »