Camping (and #camping) again

Two years ago I wrote a post called On camping… and #camping contrasting the familiarity of holidays under canvas with the novelty of my first gov/tech unconference experience at UKGovCamp15.  Sitting in a tent near the Wye valley in Herefordshire (in a camp site that has a “quiet field” and a “very quiet field”) it feels like time for an update.

We didn’t get the tent out last Summer as much of our time was taken up “getting our house rental-ready”, which turned out to be harder and more time consuming than I’d imagined when I wrote that phrase in Leaving, Moving, Staying. Read More »

Post #Camp Blogging

I think perhaps I’ve been doing it wrong.

UKGovCamp (#ukgc16) was my 6th civic/digital conference since I started #camping. And I seem to have fallen into this habit of coming back buzzing with ideas and new perspectives, determined to write a great blog post, fully referenced with links and embedded tweets. Just as soon as I have time.

This happened after UKHealthCamp in Nov 15 – a brilliant event. Thanks again @puntofisso, @sheldonline, @thatdavidmiller and especially all the clinicians who added so much. I really enjoyed it and have lots more to say, but that sense I’ve got to ‘do it properly’ means that two months later it’s still not started.

Time to pivot. So this is a quick and dirty first impressions post. It’ll have some hooks to future blogs I want to write, but they’re not binding commitments.Read More »

Those scary inspiring bloggers

I started leaning against the wall of the Internet nightclub a few years ago, lurking and listening, never quite having the guts to venture out on to the dance floor. Occasionally I’d tweet the odd link to something I’d found interesting, but refrained from putting my own thoughts out there for public consumption. Tapping my foot whilst standing at the bar.Read More »