OD Camp 3 Organisers

Open Data Camp Hat-Trick (Day 2)

This is the second of a pair of blog posts about the 3rd Open Data camp that was held in Bristol on 14/15 May 2016. See Open Data Camp Hat-Trick (Day 1) for the first post. Observant readers may notice there’s nearly eight months between the two. Sorry about that!

Ahead of the weekend @simonperry had done some good work getting participants to introduce themselves via  #HashtagNetworking.

I’d responded with a “#WLTM folk interested in text as data: extracting entities from unstructured text etc.” So my second day didn’t start with idle meandering and chatting.

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Open Data Camp Hat-Trick (Day 1)

The Open Data campers start to gather (photo by Nigel Bishop  CC BY-NC 2.0)

The third Open Data Camp took place last weekend. I’m proud to claim the hat-trick of attending all three: the inaugural at Winchester in Feb 15, the second at Manchester in Oct 15, and this one at the Watershed, Bristol (great venue).

I’ve blogged before about how much I’ve enjoyed attending this type of event and OD Camp 3 did not disappoint.  Read More »

Open Data and Supply Chain Management

I recently went to the extraordinarily engaging event that was the Beyond the Smart City Conference at the Met Office; organised by the three musketeers of ODI Devon – @mistergough (Simon Gough), @jargonautical (Lucy Knight) and @MartinHowitt (errr… Martin Howitt).

This event was ‘Open Data’ focussed, with a specifically rural theme, and developed over the day into a fascinating mix of technological, sociological, behavioural and community discussion. Read More »